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Apply now to be one of the schools in your state to receive Direction Survey for FREE and participate in Data Day!  This unprecedented day will seek to survey over 100,000 students in 50 states on 1 day in an effort to get a "pulse" on American school climate and youth behavior.  


Apply Now and receive a 6 month Direction Survey Subscription for FREE if chosen for Data Day!


Develop your local survey and administer it to over 25% of students on a campus to get a Pulse of school climate and student trends.


Immediately after Data Day is complete, get access to results, trending charts for comparisons & alerts if you vary from the norm. 

What is Data Day and Why Should Schools Participate?

We are looking for 10 schools in each state to participate in the largest collaboration of data gathering ever on a single day! Be part of Data Day and let's find the pulse of student behavior, not only on your campus, but on all campuses across the country.

What is Data Day?

Data is what drives decisions. Never before have we had surveys administered in all 50 states simultaneously on a single day. The data findings will enable schools with reports that will give the direction to go with their school safety efforts, as well as draft grants and reports on their accountability plans. This event will be completely free for schools to participate in. 

How Does it Work?

Schools will fill out a very simple application to participate in Data Days. The team at Direction Survey will select 10 schools in each state who represent a diverse cross section of American Schools. These schools can include public, private, and charter schools.

Schools that are selected will gain FREE access to Direction Survey in preparation for Data Day.

Each school site will participate on a mandatory 60 minute webinar to build understanding of the purpose of Data Day and learn how to use their Direction Survey account.

Prior to Data Day, schools will choose from a library of questions in Direction Survey and create a survey to meet their local needs.

On April 19, 2016 schools will target a minimum of 25% of students on their campus to participate. The survey can be taken online on any mobile device and will take students less than 2 minutes to complete.

Upon completion of Data Day Participants will join in on a webinar with a team of researchers and program specialist to analyze the National data gathered and discuss solutions to addressing identified behavior.

All schools will retain their data gathered giving the ability to create online reports for presentations, grants, and end of the year accountability plans.

Each participating school will retain a 6 month subscription to Direction Survey so that each school can continue to gather data when needed.

We Guarantee

Direction Survey complies with COPPA (Child Online Protection and Privacy Act) and is completely anonymous. No personal student information is collected at anytime. View our Privacy Policy

Data identifying the school name will not be shared with any public or private agency. Data will not be sold or distributed for any financial gains. School demographics will be used for comparison analysis to establish norm behaviors.  

All schools participating will receive FREE access to Direction Survey for a 6 month period so that each school site can continue to gather trending data. Includes, online support with no hidden costs.

School site staff will have access to monthly Q & A webinars with the Direction Survey team of program specialist and researchers.

What are Schools Saying?

"Data Day will give us the ability to easily compare our data to other schools like us across the country"

"Data from our survey will help us with our Local Control Accountability Plans we are required to do"

"Having the ability to create a survey to meet our local needs, administer it in minutes online and immediately be able to analyze the data is unbelievable!"

Apply Now to Participate in Data Day!