A Survey Development Platform Made For Educators By Educators!

Direction Survey helps schools not only develop Local Surveys to find the answers they seek, but more importantly it DIRECTS schools to the resources they need.

Build Your Survey

Our library of questions are aligned to specific behaviors. Survey development to meet your local needs.

See Your Results

Immediately after the survey is complete, get access to results, trending charts for comparisons & alerts if you vary from the norm.

Use Your Data

By using Direction Survey, you are guided to resources categorized by specific behaviors. Data provides direction.

"Direction Survey saves us a tremendous amount of staff and student time. We now can pick the questions we want to create a survey, administer the survey to every school in our district and immediately have data back to analyze within minutes.  "

Trusted by Schools, Agencies, and Tribes Across the Nation

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What do you get with Direction Survey?

Our unique platform provides the following for surveying students, staff and parents:

Online and Paper Surveys

Direction Survey enables you to create surveys to be administered online via computers, mobile devices, tablets, and smart phones. Although we prefer the features of our online survey builder, you can printout the survey and administer it on paper if needed.

Question Library

The team at Direction Survey continuously keeps a library full of questions for you to utilize when building surveys. If we do not have a question in our library you would like data on, you can submit questions for inclusion in the Direction Survey library.

Unlimited Surveys and Participants

We like the idea that you should not pay anything extra when you want to administer another survey in the year. You can ask as many questions and administer as many surveys as you choose. There is also no cap to the amount of participants you survey in a year.

Immediate Data Analysis

As soon as the last person is done and the survey is closed, you will immediately have the data to view as well as trending charts for presentations.

Comparison Data

We have developed over 35,000 different ways for you to compare your data! This feature will enable you to strengthen the grants you write, while also finding significant disproportionate data among groups in your community.

Trending Data

We recognize certain behaviors spike in specific months. By asking questions monthly, you will be able to trend behavior in the school year and plan accordingly month to month.

Resource Clearinghouse

Direction Survey was designed to answer the question, “Now what?” As a result of your data findings, you will be guided to resources and activities specific to the areas identified from your survey.

Includes Researched Based National Youth At Risk Bullying Survey


  • Access to the National Youth at Risk Bully Survey will be included for all users of Direction Survey and Resource Database.

  • A team of researchers from Georgia Southern University and the PLUS Program authored a twelve-question skip logic survey to help schools find the pulse of bullying on their campus.
  • This online survey will effectively direct schools to needed interventions as a result of bullying on their campus.

Are you ready to get the answers?