How it Works

Direction Survey has done the work for you! Survey development to meet your needs.

Are you Grant Writing? Part of a PBIS Team? Responsible for LCAP and site planning?


Creating Surveys

With Direction Survey you will discover a seamless tool to develop an unlimited amount of surveys, distributed to as many participants as you need.

Choose from Hundreds of Questions, developed specifically for use in Education, organized by categories!

Categories Include: Bullying, School Climate, Student Connections, Parent Involvement and Staff Development

Distributing Surveys

Time is money and printing out countless surveys, purchasing scantrons and filling boxes is an old method of data gathering. Using 21st century technology to reach students, staff, and parents with your survey immediately is time-efficient and saves money.

  • Online, mobile devices (Tablets and Smart Phones included)
  • Use one device for multiple participants to take survey

Using Your Data

Make time sensitive, accurate decisions for your program development based on data trends gathered. Get results immediately!

  • Discover the pulse of your community with data trends.
  • Discover how your data compares to other similar schools, communities and organizations with simple filter options.
  • Receive alerts when data of a specific category is higher than the National norm and be directed to resources tailored for that category.
  • Share graphs, spreadsheets and reports and distribute during presentations and meetings in XLS, PDF, CSV files.

Resource Center helps Guide
Program Planning

Overview documents, activities, associations, funding opportunities and support providers have been brought together in an effort to give you direction when developing program plans.

Student Led Activities

  • The Direction Survey team has developed just under 100 activities to use to address specific behaviors.

Topic Overviews

  • Online links and printable PDF’s are housed in the resource section and can be accessed for staff development, parent nights, and student lessons.

Funding Opportunities

  • The latest funding opportunities are available and aligned with each category in the survey database for ease of searching.

Going Further

Utilize an activity-based curriculum facilitated by a team of student leaders to address the critical needs identified when using Direction Survey. Empower students to assess, address and implement universal intervention activities that are a result of the data findings in Direction Survey.

  • Research finds that peer-mentoring programs are effective when addressing student behaviors on campus.
  • Find qualitative data using a series unique student led activities that seek to discover the critical issues impacting student life.
  • Follow step-by-step procedures to build a peer leader program to be used as part of a school wide behavior intervention model.